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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Feb 18, 2014

On this edition of Word Balloon , Greg Rucka returns with a newe Rucka debrief. We get the lowdown on Lazarus , Greg & Michael Lark's post appocalyptic Image Comics series that looks at hwat happens when countries fall apart and crime familes are running the world's economy. We also look at Greg's upcoming series Veil for Dark Horse, The new solo Cyclops series for Marvel, plus more news about upcoming Rucka projects.

Then David Marquez and RJ Ryan discuss their new archaia OGN The Joyners in 3-D. We discuss the special 3-d process devised for the book, talk about the story, and RJ praises David's Marvel work on books like Ultimate Spider-Man, All New X-men, and others.