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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

May 21, 2014

On Todays Word Balloon, we catch up with Matt Fraction for another Fireside Chat.Matt & Chip Zdarsky are enjoying massive popularity with their Image Book Sex Criminals, which is at the top of the NYT Best Seller List , not to mention Time Magazine's Comic Book Of The year, and even more mainstream press critical acclaim. We talk about the book, plus his other Image series Sattelite Sam co-created with Howard Chaykin , and the continuing Hawkeye series for Marvel with David Aja and Annie Wu.

Then an amazing Kickstarter campaign to support a play about the life and career of Jack Kirby is discussed with the husband & wife creators behind the project, Fred Van Lente & Playwright Crystal Skillman. We talk about KING KIRBY which is part of the Comic Book Theater Festival happening in June at The Brick in NYC. We talk about the unique challenges of presenting this as a stage play, Crystal's meeting with the legendary Producer/Director Hal Prince , and more.

We wrap up with writer Marc Andreyko, who amidst controversy has taken on the writing chores on Batwoman for DC, and delivering an excellent superhero rocedural with strong charcter moments . Marc talks about the book,and projects with Clive Barker for BOOM! , a fun spy book for IDW, and his Cinderella arc that just wrapped up in Vertigo's FAIREST.