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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

May 17, 2013

On this episode of Word Balloon, we talk with Archie Comics Writer/Artist Dan Parent , who created Kevin Keller, the New Kid In Riverdale, and after 3 nominations won the GLADD award this week. We talk about Kevin, and all the other great ideas that have made Archie Comics one of the most innovative publishers in comics.

Gerry Conway returns to talk about his days at DC Comics, from his first works starting in 1969, and his early 70's return that included a lot of work on Superman.

More Bronze Age DC talk with former colorist Anthony Tollin. Today Anthony is the publisher that is re-presenting the original stories of THE SHADOW, DOC SAVAGE, and other pulp heroes.Check out his catalog of books here.

We wrap up with Mike Gold, who was the editor of great books at First Comics like GRIMJACK JON SABLE AMERICAN FLAGG, and then brought a bunch of talent to DC in the 80's for runs on HAWKWORLD, GREEN ARROW, SUICIDE SQUAD , WASTELAND and more! We talk about Mike's pop culture website COMICMIX , which is also getting into the business to help creators make their comic books dreams into reality.