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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Nov 11, 2015

First Best Of Enemies co-director Robert Gordon joins us to talk about the hotly engaged debates between intellectual giants Gore Vidal and William F Buckley. The two despised each other and their mutual hatred came out on live television during the 1968 presidential campaign. ABC hosted 10 live debates during the presidential convention season, and the two men sparred of over issues of the day, that still resonate in the political arena. Vidal was coming off his recent publocation of the political satire Myra Breckenridge, featuring a transgendered woman who takes revenge on the Hollywood insiders who screwed up her life when she was a man.Buckley was the leading voice of conservative thinkers . Both thought the others philosophies and ways of life would harm the American culture. The resulting debates were as compelling as any classic boxing match.

Then Lucha Mexico Filmmakers Alex Hammond & Ian Markowicz join us to talk about their excellent entry in this weekend's NYC DOC festival. The film explores the history and traditions of Mexican Wrestling and the Arena Mexico, home to the Lucha Libre telecasts and matches . We see the stories of current wrestlers like Shocker, Blue Demon Jr, Jon Strongman and others.