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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jan 27, 2016

Canadian Comic Historian Hope Nicholson is back to talk about her latest book of essays by comic creators and fans who write about the relationships they found and lost in the Geek world. It's a great insight into their minds and feelings, no matter your age, gender, or orientation might be. I think it makes us all feel like we're not as crazy or strange as we seem to ourselves. 

We also can't help but discuss the gender issues in comics and fandom, but we can debate gently and still respect the other's point of view.

Hope also tells of a lousy convention guest experience, and how she turned that into a positive when a very recent Atlanta show cancelled their con without informing a guest like Hope, who had paid for a table and was making the city part of an extended city travel schedule. Airfare Hotel and travel incidentals that cons wouldn't refund. So what do you do when the show gets cancelled before you can cancel travel plans?