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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Mar 28, 2008

On This edition of Word Balloon Writers Christina Weir and Nunzio De Fillipis join host John Siuntres to discuss their Oni prequel to the film Jumper drawn by their longtime collaborator Brian Hurtt .  
They also  talk about their mainstream work on Checkmate, Wonder Woman, Detective Comics New Mutants, plus their television adventures writing for the HBO series ARLI$$.
You'll hear about their work at DC and Marvel, including some
interesting pitch stories invvolving Iron Man and Zatanna that truly illustrate the process and journey all writers go through to get their plots heard by editors .
De Fillipis is also about to start his third semester teaching a comic book
script-writing introduction course at the UCLA extention. In the discussion,you'll hear a lot about his teaching approach and how he tackles the prospect of organizing ideas into a cohesive plot and story.
If you're in the LA area, you can find course information here... in the english dept, course  #409.2
Some news from the interview. The JUMPER DVD will include an additional animated story written by the duo, and drawn by Hurtt that further explores the character of David and his Mother.
The final volumes of Destiny's Hand and Amazing Age of Luna are coming from Seven Seas .
They are also writing a romantic comedy film for the Oxygen Network.
The sequel to Past Lives "All Saints Day" is coming from Oni in late 2008, or early 2009.