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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Apr 28, 2008

On this episode, Word Balloon's coverage of the NYCC.

Most of my work that weekend was done for video interviews, and this is really a sampler of the 32 interviews I ended up doing. I brought my field recorders, expecting to do as many audio talks as video, but things got so busy and productive on the video side that I never had timne to do more audio.

I did speak to the favs from the bronze age who still do great work today, Len Wein Marty Pasko and Walt Simonson all together and you'll hear that, along with Gail Simone, Grant Morrison, Dan DiDio, Lou Ferrigno, Ethan Van Sciver, Irwin Hassen, Tony Moore Jeremy Love, Mike Oeming, Brian Glass,Jamahl Ingle  Jeremy Haun and Billy Tucci.

I'm presenting the full audio of Grant and Gail's talks. The other's will be seen in their entierty eventually at , and just click on their NY comicon
coverage and you'll see why I have a face for podcasting ;).