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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 4, 2011

As the saying goes you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. We explore the past and future changes at DC Comics. Pasko wrote the history for the 2007 DC Vault, and researched more material for last year's 75th anniversary Tashen book. You'll hear about Marty's 1970's DC retroactive Superman story, but also learn about deacdes of chnages and innovations to many of DC's top stars. From the stress filled stomach aches suffered by Wonder Woman editors when they got salacious stories from her creator William Moulton Martsers. Pasko and Cary Bates were given the task of coaching Mario Puzzo in Superman lore while Puzzo prepared to write the 1978 first screenplay draft for the Richard Donner film. You'll learn how editor Julie Schwartz revamped Batman in 1966, to catch the eye of television producer William Dozier and led to him craeting the ABC Batman TV show.

Then Vaneta Rogers Of Newsarama is back to talk about the coming changes in the DCNU. Rogers has interviewed nearly all of the craetors involved in the relaunch,and between us we try to put the pieces together to figure out what may be in store for readers this September.