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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Mar 20, 2008

Does the world prefer a kinder, gentler Batman, or the grim brooding type. Steve Englehart & Marshall Rogers created the 1970's Batman: Dark Detective arc, which became in part the basis for the 1987 Batman film.

Word Balloon Podcast Host John Siuntres continues his spring cleaning of the WB podcast archives, and presents this 2005 conversation with writer Steve Englehart.
As the new Batman film gets closer, and Ed Brubaker continues to make headlines with his run on Captain America , the tining seemed right to re-post this talk with Englehart who put his mark in the same heroes in the 1970's.
First they discuss Englehart and Marshall Rogers signature Batman story Dark Detective: The Laughing Fish and it's 2005 sequel Dark Detective 2 .
Then they look at the 1973 Captain America Secret Empire Arc. A controversial story, whose villain appeared to be the then sitting president Richard Nixon.
Finally, they talk about Steve's runs on The Defenders, Avengers , creating Night-Man for Malibu comics, and his creator owned character for Eclipse comics, Coyote .