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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jan 30, 2008

In this SPOILER FILLED edition of Word Balloon, Captain America writer Ed Brubaker sat down with host John Siuntres and went through the details of the new issue #34, featuring the debut of the New cap.
If you haven't read the issue yet and don't want the details spoiled, stay away until you do...
But then come back, because they also discuss the release of Criminal Vol 3 LAWLESS from Icon, Ed's creator owned crime comic drawn by Sean Phillips.
Some Criminal info disclosed by Bru...
The next few issues will be a series of one shot stories featuring minor characters from previous arcs.
The article/essays in CRIMINAL's future issues will include an appreciation of EC Comics legendary CRIME SUSPENSE STORIES  artist Johnny Craig by Brubaker and Max Allan Collins,. Crime novelist Duane Swierczynski will do an article, and an interview with writer Charles Ardai, the editor of HARD CASE CRIME novels.