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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 12, 2011

On this episode of Word Balloon we check in with writer Robert Kirkman . You'll hear about the genesis of his new series with Rob Liefeld The Infinite from Image, plus an update on the status of their coloboration on KILLRAVEN for Marvel comics.
We also go in depth on The Walking Dead , discussing the differences in working on the TV show, and writing the comic. Robert takes us into the writing room, and production process with some details on season 2.

Note-This was recorded before the departure of Frank Darabont as the day to day show runner producer on The Walking Dead.

Then we wrap up or talk with Marty Pasko, which continues to explore little known facts about DC Comics in publishing television and film. Pasko try figure out  the answers to the questions of why is The DC reboot happening, why are the Retroactive books happening now? We also talk about Marty's TV and animation work on shows like GI JOE, and The Twilight Zone .
Note- That amazing Pasko Portrait was created by Michael Netzer