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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Sep 21, 2011

Today's show features creators who are spotlighting their current books, but also give writing art and publishing tips for aspiring creators.

Mark Waid discusses his work for Boom Studios and writing Daredevil for Marvel, but he also discusses how he approaches writing established charcters , from figuring Superman out, to still being uncomfortable writing Thor and Wonder Woman.

Robert Atkins talks about his art on IDWs GI JOE COBRA COMMANDER with writer Chuck Dixon, and an upcoming original graphic novel with Larry HAma, but also talks about using his blog and social networking to expand his fan base.

Finally Sam Humphries and Steve Sanders join us to talk about their controversial sci-fi sex parody Our Love Is Real . This summer the duo self published the comic and discuss the platforms and distribution avenues they took to market andsell their book. Their befforts got Image Comicsattention and the book is being realesed in November, but that version has its own method of distribution, and the guys tell us how their selling process continues to evolve.