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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Oct 29, 2007

On this Halloween edition of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres
chats with artist Phil Hester, who's been flexing his writer muscles
and has a slate of current and upcoming monster related stories.

We caught Phil as he was recovering from a cold, but still excited about
getting more scripting work alongside his upcoming art projects.

You'll hear about Hester taking the reins on THE DARKNESS for Top Cow, and a new direction for the series main character Jackie Estacado.
Also the very funny "werewolf in recovery" series THIRTEEN STEPS,
co-written with Chuck Satterlee and drawn by Kevin Mellon for Desperado.

But Phil show his sensitive side too, in a poingant indie short story featured in The Villard Books collection POSTCARDS: "True Stories That Never Happened".

On the art side, Phil previews the December start of his run on Superman Confidential, teaming up with his infamous inking partner Ande Parks and writer B Clay Moore.

Next Year will be busy for Phil, writing and drawing a Daredevil/Magdalena crossoverfor Marvel/Top Cow in February, and in the spring he and artist Andy Kuhn bring back FIREBREATHER for Image Comics.