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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Oct 19, 2012

On today's Word Balloon podcast we present The NYCC 2012 panel "Comics And Film When Fanboys Collide " Featuring film critic Matt Singer, Comic Book-Film Storyboard Artist Gabriel Hardman (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises , Hulk, Planet Of The Apes-Cataclysm ) comic book artist Janet K Lee (Return Of The Dapper Men) and Dapper Men co-creator writer Jim McCann (Mind The Gap) After the panel, Lee also gives us the details of her new collaboration with McCann for Image Comics Lost Vegas.

Then television writer and host of The Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast Ben Blacker (Supernatural Supah Ninja) talks about his upcoming Marvel graphic novel Wolverine Season One co-written with his TV writing partner Ben Acker. Ben also promotes his Kickstarter campaign for a graphic novel anthology adaptation of the Thrilling Adventure Hour, a live LA comedy stage show/podcast that parodies old time radio dramas. The THA anthology will be published by Archaia and features new stories drawn by such comic book luminaries as Ben Edlund, Jackson Publik Tom Fowler, Dustin Weaver, Chris Moreno, Doc Shaner and more. Ben also gives us his observations about the current television season.