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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jun 14, 2012

On this edition of Word Balloon, we talk with DC vice presidents Bob Wayne and John Cunningham about the Diamond Top 10 sales numbers of comic books from May, plus the first reactions to DC's 2nd Wave titles, Before Watchmen and further details about the Zero Issues and 3rd Wave of new DC books coming in September.

Then we start a 2 part Matt Fraction Fireside Chat. Matt shares insight on the current and future storylines of Thor, Iron Man and The Defenders. There are trippy dreamwalking moments and self realization ideas happening in all three books, but Fraction is adressing the same plot devices in very different ways in each of these titles.

Finally JK Woodward joins us to talk all things Trek and Whovian, as we discuss IDW's Star Trek TNG-Doctor Who crossover mini series.