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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Nov 3, 2011

On this episode of Word Balloon, Matt Fraction willingly debates the story beats of Fear Itself. 

All of the tough questions are asked. We talk about the recent trend of the event story epilogues 

occuring outside of the actual series. Why kill Thor, when he just had just been ressurected, and 

isn't it likely he'll be back in time for next summer's Avenger's film? 

You'll also hear what's coming next in Casanova, Iron Man and Tanarus God Of Thunder, plus an informative preview

of The Defenders. Matt expands on what we've seen in the Fear Itself epilogue, and how the Hulk hands this

new Defenders line up it's first problem. You'll heardetails on the team's line-up, plus Fraction discusses his

decision to write this book in a modified Marvel style collaboration with Terry Dobson, as opposed to

the usual full script.

For aspiring writers Matt goes in detail about the different disipline of writing 20 page issues 

compaed to the former 22 page comic. It's more compliated than just cutting 2 pages from each chapter. 

Then IFC Film Critic Matt Singer joins me to talk about this years slate of comic book films. 

From The Green Hornet, The Marvel films Thor Captain America,X-Men First Class,  Green Lantern, 

Cowboys and Aliens, to the coming Tin Tin movie, We'll discuss the successes and failures. Plus we 

preview next year's slate of movies.