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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Apr 14, 2015

Playboy's Marc Bernardin talks about his Top Cow series Genius, who's first arc is collected in a trade comming up in June. We talk about's current status as a men's lifestyle site reclaiming the tradition Hef set up with the first issues. Marc has given the site a strong nerd culture voice, including making the Wil Wheaton-Patton Oswaltt coversation the January 2015 playboy interview. We also talk about Marc's podcasting with the Nerdist Writer's Panel and Kevin Smith's Fatman On Batman

The Hugo Award Nominations are discussed with auth Rob Salkowtiz. Rob has been a geek industry anaylist since the release of his book omic Con and The business Of Pop Culture. We talk about not only the infighting of geek factions, but how pollitical sites are using the "controversey as red meat to get their bases rilled up. Both left and right wing sites are stirring things up, and from our point of view its bad for all of geekdom.