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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 2, 2007

Couldn't make the trip to San Diego? No problem, just close your eyes and Word Balloon takes you there, in this audio podcast report.
Taped from the convention floor, host John Siuntres
scanned the rows of artist alley, and beyond, to get quick moments
with an assortment of comic creators that run the gamut of the comics world.
We'll  catch up with creators like...
Ramona Fradon (Metamorpho, Aquaman)
Zander Cannon (Top 10, SMAX)
Mark Schultz (Bad Planet,  Xenozoic
Tales )
Jonathon Hickman (THE NIGHTLY NEWS)
Mark Haven Brit (Full Color)
Jeremey Haun (Narcoleptic Sunday, Excalibur)
Jason Auron (Scalped, The Other Side)
Tim Seeley (Hack Slash, Troma Anthology)
David Mack (Kabuki Daredevil End Of Days)
Ivan Brandon (24/7 Vol 2 ,  NYC MECH)
Alex Saviuk (Amazing Spider-Man comic strip )
Sean McKeever (Teen Titans Birds Of Prey)
Tony Bedard (Black Canary,  Countdown)
Barry Levin (Radical Productions)
Tad Stones (Hellboy Animated)
Thom Zahler (Love And Capes, Raider)
Brian Talbot (2000AD, Alice In Sunderland)