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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

May 4, 2011

As the opening weekend of the Thor film approaches  Joe Quesada joins us for a candid look at his position as Chief Creative Officer at Marvel.  We talk about how the position has changed since Avi Arad had the title 10 years ago, and the lessons learned from the Marvel films of the last 10 plus years. Joe tells us why Kenneth Branaugh is a great collaborative director , how Robert Downey Jr has influenced Tony Stark‚Äôs persona in comics and animation.

Plus we explore questions regarding the monthly comic products. Have we reached a price ceiling at 3.99 for a 22 page comic? How will the conversion to digital effect the price point of single chapters and the current 5-6 part structure of story arcs?  Can Marvel take a longer gestation risk on a new ongoing title beyond the store order numbers of a first issue?

We also discuss the Marvel Television projects. From the animated Ultimate Spider-Man to live action projects like Jessica Jones, and the challenges of bringing spandex clad heroes to the small screen.