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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 13, 2007

In tribute to the life and career of master artist Mike Wieringo , Word Balloon presents this 2005 interview.
Mike was the first comic creator to approach me about Word Balloon, rather than my attempting to contact them. He wanted to hear my interview with his friend Jeff Parker , but was having trouble downloading it. This afforded me the chance to get him to do this early WB chat.
Ringo gives us an overview of his career from start to his then current work with Peter David on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. We also talk about his Fantastic Four run with Mark Waid , Tellos, the series he co-created with Todd Dezago, and his DC work on Adventures Of Superman.
Wieringo passed away this weekend, at the young age of 44. Way too soon for this incredible talent and all around good guy.
Thanks for all the entertainment Mike , and rest in peace.
John Siuntres