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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

May 21, 2009

Geoff Johns is juggling 3 Epic stories from DC Comics. We talk about all of them. You'll hear behind the scene details of Flash Rebirth, Green Lantern The Blackest Night, and Legion oF 3 Worlds. You'll hear character discssions of all the major players, from the reborn Flash family to the GL Corps, and previews of what's to come in Adventure Comics and Superman : Secret Origin.

Here are some quotes from the conversation.

Answering the concerns that Johns current portrayal Of Barry Allen is so different from his silver and bronze age characterization.

“Everyone is in a very different place at the beginning of  Flash Rebirth to the end, because I didn’t want to open up with a big Flash parade, and Barry running in with a big smile,. I might as well have started with Flash #1 and we’d be off and running, but there were other emotional explorations with Barry Allen and the Flash team. I wanted to go against expectations and do a 180 on everything. Flash is back, but Barry Allen isn’t…that’s what the story is about.

The great thing about it is it allows me to explore him emotionally... I love the discussion and debates, because I know where this story is going …I remember when we did The Sinestro Corps Wars, and Kyle at the end of the first issue was possessed by Parallax. People went crazy! They couldn’t believe how we could do this (laughs) …and Ethan was saying ‘We should tell them that he’s not going to be Parallax,.’ And I said “No! Let them get riled up, because they should, but we know where this story ends.’ … In Flash Rebirth Barry is searching for the same answers…this story is trying to solve a crime, but Barry is moving much too fast to do that.”


On Blackest Night’s further exploration of the multi colored Lantern Corps. “Every one of my artists has brought their own take  on the designs for each of the various corps and characters…Doug Mahnke’s first issue Green Lantern #43 is an all Black Hand issue. It’s one of the creepiest issues you’ll read.”


On the upcoming Blackest Night crossover stories, and how this GL story has morphed into a major DCU event.


“ Events are just big stories…sometimes there’s a bad connotation to that “event” term…You always want it to be good, and as a writer you want to protect your own story…with Blackest Night there’s just more story potential, so when (The Editors)  wanted to make it bigger and explore it more , it made sense to me, because you’re gonna have DCU characters face dead ones, and Black Lanterns on all sorts of levels…”