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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jun 17, 2008

From 2006, my two part interview with writer Chuck Austen.

Frankly, the villification of this writer by some comic book fans was to me, one of the ugliest and insensitive attacks I've ever seen, and illustrates the point made by Joe Quessada, when he says,  

"Sometimes fans treat our fictional charcters like real people, and treat real people working for us, like they were made of paper."

Personally, I can name a lot of Austen stories I've enjoyed, like his work on the weekly Marvel Max Series War Machine, his run writing Superman on Action Comics, drawing Miracleman for Alan Moore, Elektra for Brian Bendis, and his animation work for many season on King of the Hill, and his co-creation Tripping The Rift.

We cover all that and more in this interview. Thanks Chuck.