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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Sep 21, 2007

The Cartoon Satirist is back discussing his new Fantagraphics book The Fun Never Stops a collection of comic strips, cartoons and illustrations from the pages of RAW, MAD, Heavy Metal, SPY, DETAILS, The New Republic,The New York Times Magazine

Drew tells hilarious stories about Woody Allen Jerry Lewis
Groucho Marx,Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry Storch
Mad Magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman, and why George W. Bush is the spitting image of 1950's comedian Doodles Weaver

You'll learn the genesis behind Freidman's recurring hero The
Duke Of Eltingville, his past animation work for Liquid TV and
Comedy Central. We'll touch on his trading card work for Topps
and wonder where his style of comic strip satire fits into today's
electronic media world.