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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Dec 6, 2006

Steve Ditko created him for Charlton Comics, but writer Denny O'Neil re-defined THE QUESTION. It was a ground breaking 1980's series remebered fondly by the industry's top writers today.

In this march 2006 conversation, Denny talks about the character , and his new novel, HELLTOWN , which gives the backstory of Vic Sage's path which resulted in his adopting THE QUESTION identity.

Die hard Question fans will notice changes to the story as originally depicted in the Charlton and DC comic books, but O'Neil Fans won't be disapointed in the cameos and tone of the novel.

We also discuss Denny's start in the comic book field and his influences learning from editors like Julie Schwartz and Stan Lee.

You might hear some Batman talk in their too, given O'Neil's 30 plus years writing and editing the character.