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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jun 20, 2012

First up Mike Perkins talks about drawing Astonishing X-Men. today's issue #51 is a classic marvel marriage moment that has cracked thru to the mainstream media world. mike tells us what's like to draw this kind of major release when everyone is looking over his shoulder. Perkins also talk about finishing the art choress on the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand comic seres, and what it was like during the title's four year run, catering to the King-Bookstore patrons as well as the comics buying direct market.

Then we wrap up the latest Matt Fraction Fireside Chat. This week Matt give 's us his point of view on The Avenger's film impact on this summer's other upcoming superhero films. Fraction wonders if the lighter action tone of The Avengers will hurt the mainstream audience reaction to The Dark Knight Rises ?

Finally Ed Catto of The Bonfire Agency joins us. Catto is part of the team that is reviving the Captain Action franchise through new toys and the upcoming Dynamite comic book series . Catto also talks about Bonfire, and some of the ways he's bringing advertisers to the consumers of genre fiction and the geek market.