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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Apr 26, 2012

On this episode of Word Balloon, Rob Liefeld returns to talk about 3 DC titles he's taking over in May, with the challenge of resurecting interest and sales. They are The Savage Hawkman with art chorse by  Joe Benitez, Deathstroke, and Grifter with scripting help from Frank Tieri.

Liefeld talks about what his plans are for all three titles, including Deathstroke's hunt for the space criminal Lobo, which will introduce the character in the new 52 DC continutiy. Liefeld promises that this Lobo will not be the cartoony parody charcter he was in previous stories.

We also talk about the critical aclaim his charcaters are getting in his revamped Extreme line of book.s like Prophet, Supreme, and Glory. Also, Rob gives his views on writing decompressed stories in today's comic book market