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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 30, 2012

Just in time for the Holiday Weekend, Word Balloon presents this convention for your ears, with great guests and conversation.

We start a new Bendis Tapes as Brian Michael bendis answeres more questions from his JINXWORLD Message Board and gives us insight on his upcoming run on the X-Men. We also discuss other facets of Marvel Now, his wrap up to the avenger books, what's going on in Ultimate Spider Man & Spider-Men , and more.

Then it's time for an edition of Word Balloon Internationale as we speak to several color artists from Brazil. Rod Reis (Aquaman Nightwing) Cris Peter (Casssanova FF Captain America) and Marcello Enriquie (I Vampire) talk about their art experiences on their mainstream books and other projects.

Finally, we present a recent Marvel press conference on Kathryn Immonen's new gig as writer for Journey Into Mystery starting this November. Kathryn is joined by Editor Lauren Sankovich, and they both field reporter questions about the new direction of the book as Sif takes the spotlight .