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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Nov 14, 2007

On this episode of Word Balloon Dc Writer Geoff Johns and Host John Siuntres catch up with a big picture look at the characters and story arcs playing out in Action Comics,Justice Society Of America, Booster Gold and Green Lantern.

We'll discuss Geoff's takes on the multiple versions of Superman,
the legion of super heroes, and all the palyers in the sinestro corp war
and finding a new purpose for booster gold.

You'll also hear Geoff's thoughts on the WGA strike and some 
never realized season 2 story ideas for the blade tv series, including a plot with Marc Spector, Moon Knight.

Some other tidbits from the interview...

Johns has green lantern plotted to issue 55 ...JSA to 25 or longer, Action Comics"if we stay the course, Gary and I have two years of stories to tell."

On Green Lantern: "That book with its epic scope... to bring Hal Jordan to issue 50 has become a very personal story for me." 

On Superman Prime: "He's absolutley one of my favorite characters to write. he's such a jerk(laughs.)

On the future : Johns and former Blade TV/JSA collaborator David Goyer have a new comic story idea they hope to release in early 2009.