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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Oct 17, 2007

On this episode of Word Balloon, we turn the mics over to writer Joshua Fialkov, who hosted an LA Public Library Comics Creator Panel titled "The Future Of Graphic Literature"
The dais included Fialkov (Elks Run) , Mark Waid (The Brave And  Bold) , Ross Richie (Publisher, Boom Studios), Christos Gage (World War Hulk/XMen) , Kazu Kabuishi (Flight) and Tony Fleece (In My Lifetime) .
They address many comic related subjects such as the impact of Hollywood, the success of Japanese manga, the rising price of single issues, and the proliferation of other comic genres in traditional bookstores versus the superhero driven direct market.
Word Balloon presents this lively discussion in 2 parts , with part 2 coming Thursday.