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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jun 22, 2017

We welcome Nick back to talk about the first issues of the Captain America Event that has the internet buzzing!


Jun 19, 2017

Susan Eisenberg Voice actor extraordinaire who's played the Amazing Amazon since the Justice League animated series from Cartoon Network is back! We talk about the greatness of the new film, her own encounters with Gal Gadot on the red carpet and more!

Susan also fills us in on her new WW roles in the Injustice 2 Game,...

Jun 10, 2017

With the passing of Adam West, Presenting the 2016 press junket interview

For the DC Animated Film Return Of The Caped Crusaders . West reflects on his contributions to the Batman mythos. 

Jun 8, 2017

Beau Smith returns to talk about the Earp Comics from IDW and the SYFY channel TV series which returns for season 2 this Friday. Beau tells us about co-writing the comics with cast members Melanie Scrofano and Tim Rozon . We also talk about the show's unique perspective as a prequel to the...

Jun 6, 2017

NBC's Powerless had a short network run, only 9 of 12 filmed episodes . The show had a great cast and funny premise, but it just didn't make it.


Patrick Schumaker, the show's producer co- showrunner came in to work on the series after the pilot and had to run a writer's staff to  tweak it before it's February mid...