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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Dec 31, 2015

Insight into the Film and TV geek revolution of 2015 from the creative people behind our favorite TV shows and Films. Mark Millar (Kingsman The Secret Service) , Marc Guggenheim (Arrow)  Andrew Kreisberg Greg Berlanti (Flash-Supergirl) Ali Adler, Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) Jeph Loeb and Joe Quesada (Marvel TV & Film)...

Dec 29, 2015

More of our conversation with the writer of classic dc comics, tv shows, and animation. Some of the topics include  more Alfred Hitchcock talk
the portrayals of Wonder Woman
Screenwriters Alan Brenert Bruce Landsbury and the Buck Rogers tv show
stories about old tv stars like former actress
and infamous playmate Dorothy...

Dec 25, 2015

By Popular demand Marty Pasko is back with old stories and new observations on TV Film and Comic Books. 

Among the topics we cover include The 80's twilight zone show
alien nation, adapting superman returns for a dc comic, 
the reboot of star trek and the star trek original crew films the fred frieberg showrunner era of...

Dec 22, 2015

B Clay Moore is back and so is his 2003 creation Hawaiian Dick. The Image series will return this spring , and an NBC TV series is in the works. Clay gives us the details. 

Dec 15, 2015

Last year Chip's Sex Criminals live Cincy Comicon panel With Matt Fraction delighted the local and podcast audience with his irreverent humor and upbeat attitude.

Today we get a little more inside Chip's process and point of view on many topics, including notes on the newspaper industry, and his collaborations with...