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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jan 30, 2014

We get a State Of Marvel Conversation from EIC Axel Alonso

Dan Slott talks about wrapping up Superior Spider-Man, welcoming Peter Parker back, and previews his new Silver Surfer Book With Mike Allred

Writer Christy Blanch From Ball State University and Part Owner Of Alter Ego Comics talk about her new Massive Open...

Jan 24, 2014

Jason Aaron is back and talks about his upcoming Marvel event Original Sin, and handing off Wolverine and The X-Men To his pal Jason Latour Plus we talk about Thor and Amazing X-Men.

Scott Allie gives us the lowdown on Dark Horse in 2014. A much more diverse line-up than you might expect.

We wrap up with Dan Goldman ,...

Jan 14, 2014

On this episode of Word Balloon, it's a king sized episode, with a new edition of The bendis Tapes. Brian Michael Bendis lays out the blueprints for the new direction for Marvel's Ultimate Universe. From new creators to new team line-ups all starting in April. Bendis also talks X-Men Guradians Of The Galaxy , a...