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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Dec 27, 2013

On this episode of Word Balloon, we talk animation. First John DiMaggio joins us to talk about his career as one of the top voice over actors in the business. From his work on Futurama, Adventure Time and countless other projects. 
John has also just made a new documentary on the VO industry called I KNOW THAT VOICE,...

Dec 22, 2013

On this episode of Word Balloon, We start with Vivek Tiwary, Broadway and Film producer who gives us all the facts behind his story, The Fifth Beatle from Dark Horse. The biographical graphic novel about their manager Brian Epstein . We examine the social struggle of Epstien's double life as the businessman who...

Dec 13, 2013

Nick Spenser talks about supierior foes of spider-man , secret avengers morning glories and bedlam 

Media Business Analyst Tim Beyers Of The Motley Fool, gives us his POV on the Tv Film and comic moves of Dc & Marvel.

And, Marvel holds a tele press ocnference with rick Remender and Tom Brevort about the events of...

Nov 27, 2013

Rick previews Marvel's  Uncanny Avengers #14 and Image's Black Science #1.

Author Sara Ryan discusses her Dark Horse OGN Bad Houses drawn by Carla Speed McNeil

And Tom Fowler talks about Quantum & Woody The True Patriot Vol 2 Kickstarter and his thoughts on today's comic market