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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Feb 24, 2012

On this episode of Word Balloon, legendary artist Neal Adams is back to discuss many issues of the current comic book scene. From finding a neutral way to help Gary Friedrich's financial situation, without taking sides in the Disney-Friedrich-Ghost Rider lawsuit, to DC and Marvel's new place in their corporate...

Feb 17, 2012

Today a triple feature on Word Balloon as we tak about the worlds of comic books and video games.
First up Steve Downes a fellow radio announcer. Steve is the Morning Host of The Classic Rock radio station WDRV-FM: The Drive in Chicago and the syndicated rock documentary radio show The Classics , but to gamers and...

Feb 10, 2012

Time Code

00:00 -  14:48 Wayne and Rood on Before Watchmen

14:49 -  51:42  Scott Porter On G4's  X-Men Anime, Speed Racer and More

51:43 - 140:39 Ramon Perez and Steve Christy On Jim Henson's Tale Of Sand

140:40- End Of Show Tom Fowler on Hulk Season One Venom and More

Feb 2, 2012

On this episode of Word Balloon, Walter Simonson is back with details about his OGN The Judas Coin, coming out in October from DC Comics. Simonson explains the projects origins and inspirations.

Then lifelong pals Mike Costa and Ryan Brown discuss their new mini series coming out next month from IDW...