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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Sep 30, 2011

The comic news blogosphere has erupted this week in editorials and op-ed pieces over the depiction of Starfire in the DC Comic Red Hood And The Outlaws and The first issue of Catwoman, which ends with a sex scene involving Batman. Too much for mainstream comics? I debate the subject with Vaneta Rogers . We also talk...

Sep 21, 2011

Today's show features creators who are spotlighting their current books, but also give writing art and publishing tips for aspiring creators.

Mark Waid discusses his work for Boom Studios and writing Daredevil for Marvel, but he also discusses how he approaches writing established charcters , from figuring Superman out,...

Sep 12, 2011

A timely news triple feature. First up DC Comics vice presidents John Rood and Bob Wayne discuss the debuting success of DC Comics New 52. The first 3 weeks of releases have sold out at the retailer level, and Rood and Wayne talk about what's next.

The Gabriel Hardman and Corrina Bechklo discuss their new mini series...