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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jan 28, 2011

We continue our 2 part conversation with Marvel writer Jeff Parker. Jeff discusses his 2010 Oni book with Steve Lieber UNDERGROUND, and how a leaked pdf of the book at 4chan ended up being a positive publicity happening resulting in new readers and sales for the overlooked project.

We also discuss the X-Men First Class...

Jan 26, 2011

In Part One Jeff tallks about The Red Hulk, his new direction for the Thunderbolts, and we look back at the wrap up to The Agents Of Atlas. We discuss the story contributions from Jeff's collaborators Gabe Hardman, Kev Walker and Declan Shalvey.

Plus we debut the Word Balloon Hotline, and start taking your weekly calls...

Jan 19, 2011

Paul Kupperberg joins us to talk about my favorite book in 2010. Life With Archie, The Married Life. In 2009 Archie Comics finally addressed the possibilites of what would happen if Archie chose Veronica over Bettty and visa versa, but the Michael Uslan mini series was only the beginning.

Archie The Married Life is a...

Jan 11, 2011

Author Brad Meltzer is back to discuss his brand new novel The Inner Circle , which uncovers the details behind George Washington's secret intelligence organization created during the Revolutionary War and in service during his time as President. Was the organization disbanded, or does it continue today?

We also talk...

Jan 10, 2011

This was a 2010 Xmas extra...Music Historian Jeff Marcus joins me to talk about his 2 new books celebratng the lost art of 45 rpm picture sleeves. for decades they were an important part of popular music publicity, and are still widely collected today.

We talk about the whole history of the vinyl 45 records and how they...