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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Dec 30, 2010

Matt's back to finish the questions posted at iFanboy, and gives us more details about Iron Man, Thor Cassanova, and this spring's Marvel event FEAR ITSELF

Dec 15, 2010

On this edition of Word Baloon writer Jay Faerber is back to talk about next week's Dynamo 5 Holiday Special from Image . The one shot picks up the D5 story after the events of this year's SINS OF THE FATHER storyline, with an all new story, plus 5 epilouges that llead into next years D5 mini series and beyond.

As a...

Dec 8, 2010

On this episode of Word Balloon writer Paul Cornell is back to talk about his DC books. We'll discuss today's release of The Knight and Squire #3 plus Cornell's 3 issue run on Batman And Robin and his continuing story in Action Comics featuring Lex Luthor.

We also discuss his work Soldier Zero from Boom Studio's....