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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jun 29, 2010

On this episode of Word balloon, Jason Aaron is back to talk about finding the voices of the characters he writes. From discovering his take on Spider-Man for the Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine book, and the current arc in Wolverine Weapon X. You'll hear plenty about the current Deathlok/Captain America story.  We...

Jun 24, 2010

We go into detail about The Jonah Hex movie. Plus discuss the best selling sucsess of the New Hex OGN,
No Way Back. An artistic overview of the diverse artists
who’ve contributed to Jimmy and co-writer Justin Grey’s run. From regular artist Jordi Bernet, to co-creator Tony DeZuniga . 3 Bernet stories in the drawer,...

Jun 22, 2010

Our Jinworld Q&A continues with more info on New Avengers Vol2 #1, information on  Bendis's san diego panels, and more

Jun 17, 2010

On this edition of Word balloon , it’s part four of The Bendis Tapes. More talk about Avengers Prime and New Avengers #1 plus you’ll hear about Brian’s one on one interview with writer/director David Mamet some San Diego announcements and recollections of  little known career moments. Like the fact that Bendis was...

Jun 15, 2010

This was supposed to be a friendly conversation with Mark Schultz, to discuss his work on DC books like The Spirit with Moritat, Mark's scripting of the Sunday Prince valiant newspaper comic strip with Gary Gianni, and past and future Schultz projects.

Then we learned of the death of artist Al Williamson Sunday.  Mark...