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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Apr 29, 2009

On this edition of Word Balloon, Sal Abbinanti creator of Atomika
the alternate history of Russian superheroes and villains.

Sal explores the iconic images of the former USSR, combined with
Russian mythology, but is the first to say this isn't a pro-soviet
polemic. "At least once a con a guy wants to argue with...

Apr 27, 2009

We talk Scalped, Wolverine Weapon X, His wrap up on The Ghost Rider series, and his upcoming origin of one of the immortal weapons, Fat Cobra.

Apr 24, 2009

On this edition of Word Balloon, coverage of this year's FX International Con in Orlando, Fl.

You'll hear floor chats with Jeremy Haun, who talks about drawing the Batman-Battle For The Cowl One-Shot Arkham Asylum, written by David Hine, and drawing the Top Cow series Berserker written by Rick Loverd . Haun calls the...

Apr 14, 2009

Ivan Brandon and Nic =Klien debut their Image series Vikings on April 22nd. The First Issue has already sold out with retailers, and Ivan Talks about the series particulars.

We also look at his upcoming mini series for DC, featuring Nemesis, Final Crisis Aftermath : Escape, and his recent appearence on NBC's The...