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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 29, 2008

On this episode of the Word Balloon podcast,
Artist Tony Akins discusses his work on Jack Of Fables,
plus his upcoming story in House Of Mystery #6.

We also talk about his involvement in a gallery show
in Chicago at the Diane Tanios gallery running through this Saturday.

The art showing...

Aug 27, 2008

Sorry, author Brad Meltzer has nothing to say about his upcoming novel, The Book Of Lies,  in stores Tuesday Sept 2nd from Grand Central Publishing.

But he'll tell us all we want to know about his one-shot from DC comics, DC UNIVERSE-Last Will and Testament, His Eisner winning issue of JLA#11, and his upcoming arc on...

Aug 20, 2008

(Photo courtesy Of

In his viral video and on a recent Word Balloon podcast, Robert Kirkman started an
open dialog call to fellow creators.His "Mission Statement" was a call to writers and artists to weigh the advantages of making creator owned comics versus making corporate comics working for DC or...

Aug 14, 2008

On this edition of the word balloon podcast, host John Siuntres
engages in a friendly debate with writer Robert Kirkman. Yesterday,
Kirkman released a video message explaining some of his reasons for leaving Marvel Comics, and becoming a partner at Image Comics. He's decided to focus on his creator owned original books,...

Aug 13, 2008

The Writer Artist is back to talk about creator owned projects, like The Legion Of The Supernatural from IDW, Gigantic from dark Horse, and the Sci-Fi adventure series Fear Agent, but Rick has hit the big 2 comic companies at full force.

We discuss his work on Marvel's Punisher War Journal, and DC's Booster Gold.