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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jul 26, 2007

More words and memories with artist Tim Bradstreet, who not only gives us some news about the double sized Punisher #50 issue from Marvel's Max line, featuring interior art by Howard Chaykin...

But he also talks up books from the Raw Entertainment Studios
like Bad Planet written by Thomas Jane & Steve Niles ,...

Jul 25, 2007

On this edition of Word Balloon host John Siuntres
chats with artist dan Brereton. Dan's creator owned
crime noir meets classic horror series the Nocturnals.

Doc, The Gunwitch, Halloween Girl and the other Nocturnals 
fight against Pacific City's organized crime families is poised for a return via Olympian Publishing,...

Jul 23, 2007

A Double Sized final chapter to this session of the Bendis Tapes.

You can hear both Brian Bendis and John break down as the hours tick away, answering this last clump of questions fro the jinxworld message board.

As the air gets thinner, the humor gets crazier




Jul 20, 2007

On this edition of Word Balloon host John Siuntres talks with a writer who's finally getting the attention he deserves.

John sits down with tv and film writer Christos Gage to talk about his current comics work on World War Hulk tie ins with the X-Men and Iron Man, His Wildstorm work including the ongoing...

Jul 19, 2007

More Q&A from Brian Michael Bendis's message board.  On this edition of Word Balloon, He and host John Siuntres provide more insight into Brian's storylines for the months ahead.