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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Oct 20, 2008

This time we talk to artist writer Tim seeley, who's creator owned series Hack Slash is nominated for Best Comic Book Series this Tuesday on Spike TV's Scream Awards .

During this moment of mnaistream awareness and acceptance, the book is in the midst of a crossover with The Re-Animator Film Series. Seeley arranged the crossover with the film's producer and rights holder Brian Yunza.

However,  as discussed in this press release, the book has fallen into a property dispute with a seperate company called Re-Animator LLC, forcing issues #16 & 17 to seek alternative distribution away from Diamond. Tim discusses the basics of this puhlic domain dispute , and explains how fans and comic retailers can order the book's final 2 chapters.

We also talk about Tim's new run on Marvel's New Exiles series debuting on  #14 with writer Chris Claremont in November.