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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Nov 30, 2010

Tim Seeley is back to talk about his new Marvel mini series Ant Man & The Wasp, with issue 2 out this Thursday. Seeley wrote and pencilled the 3 part story, and talks about the fresh character dynamic between Hank Pym and Eric O'Grady.

We also talk about Tim's creator owned series Hack Slash , and this month's release of the third HS Omnibus, and the trade relase of the Cassie Hack prequel story My First Maniac.

eight and a half years ago

First of all John, how the hell do you have time to be so well versed in all things comics, literature, films, etc.? It seems like you have this ridiculously extensive knowledge of all thins pop culture that is utterly baffling to me. Secondly I want to say that I both love and hate these podcasts. I love them for the obvious reasons, mainly that they give me a level of information and knowledge that you just cannot get from other sources. For example, if I were to only know Matt Fraction through his tweets, I would assume that he's kind of a dick. But your conversations with him shed a completely different light and, instead, I love the hell out of the guy. The thing I hate about your podcast: thanks to these conversations I am forced to spend more and more of my money on all of these fantastic comics, movies and books. Many of the books that I look over and pass up in the shop every week are ones that you end up talking about with the people on this show, and after a two hour conversation I find myself unable to resist the urge to buy them the next week. On the bright side, they never fail. Thanks for all of your hard work and to your guests who are so open and honest on your show.