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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Feb 19, 2009

Bendis was part of a Marvel creative group, that met with Kenneth
Branaugh to discuss his film plans for Thor. "It was a great day, on par with the
day we met with (Jon) Faverau. Whew!... I'm not kidding I've been
in non-marvel hollywood meetings where the people say, I'm not even
going to read the damn comic.".

On The Spider-Woman motion comic

Casting the voice of Jessica Drew "You're looking for
the voice in your head...that smokey marlboro voice that isn't
trying to be sexy. I had written dialogue that I was quite happy
to hear out loud ...but some actors saw the bio which says she's
from Wundagore Mountain, so they'd do a bulgarian accent which was
like, holy lord in heaven!"

Bendis has written 10 scripts for Spider-Woman He compared it to
the motion comics
It's being produced for the motion comic itself,not as an afterthought
and it's in continuity . Whatever the language of the motion comic
will be, it's going to be exciting to see Spider-Man, The Thunderbolts,
Agent Brand and The Avengers and everyone up and around in motion
comics. You're going to see something very different.

In Dark Avengers #3, a major chapter in the Sentry mystery
will be revealed.

On Ultimate Spider-Man post Ultimatum there will be a couple of
requiem specials