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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Nov 9, 2011

On this episode of Word Balloon, we speak with Dc Entertainment Vice Presidents Bob Wayne (Sales) and John Rood (Sales Marketing and Business Development) about DC Comics big sales for the month of October. Month 2 of the New 52 showed a

greater market share, with DC claiming about 50% of the total sales pie for single issues.

John and Bob Talk about some of the surprising sales trends both digitally and in the direct market.We also get more details about the 100 graphic novels and collected stories available on the new Amazon Kindle Fire device. You'll also hear about future plans and partnerships to promote Dc Comics and upcoming TV and film projects like Cartoon Network's DC Nation, and next summer's Batman film.

Then we begin a new 2 part Greg Rucka Debrief. In this episode Greg talks about his current work on The Punisher with Marco Checcetto. Greg gives an overview of his view on how Frank Castle operates in the 616 universe and what obstacles are inherent in a superhero filled world.

Rucka also discusses his new web comic with Rich Burchett "Lady Sabre and The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether" . The story marries steam punk swashbuckling pirates with a gun toting western duo all living on a fantastic planet of magic, floating ships and cities. The twice weekly webcomic is starting it's 3rd chapter this Thursday. New readers can go the website and find archives of the firt 2 chapters plus character essays, maps and information that provide a rich backdrop for this rollicking adventure.

Then, a conversation with Kevin Tavolaro Nino Lopez and Joe Peicott , some of the producers behind the new Science Channel TV series Prophets Of Science Fiction, debuting tonight at 10pm eastern/pacific time. Filmmaker Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) hosts this 8 part series features profiles on noted Sci-Fi creators who's dreams of the future inspired many real scientific advances. From Mary Shelly's Frankenstien, to George Lucas's Star Wars, you'll hear scientists, noted science fiction authors and filmmakers give their thoughts on these remarkable thinkers.

The show will feature comments film clips and images from people like writers Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg, Tv producers Brannon Bragga (Star Trek) and Dan Vedders (Futurama), comic book creators Matt Fraction and Chirs Ware, plus a certain podcast host Word Balloon listeners may be familiar with.

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00:00-23:20 DC VPs John Rood & Bob Wayne

23:21-127:27 Rucka Debrief Part 1 

127:28-149:42 Prophets Of Science Fiction