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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 19, 2015

Two interviews that look at the art/alternative comix scene. How is it playing out while the superhero books are seeing massive attention at Conventions and from Film and TV projects?


First Dean Haspiel and Gregory Benton talk about their new books from Hang Dai studios. Haspiel is presenting his real life adventures moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan in Beef With Tomato. Benton has released an ambitious silent comic called Smoke. Hang Dai is also releasing Schmuck the graphic novel written by the late comics photo journalist Seth Kushner . The guys talk about Kushner's continued inspiration in the Hang Dai Studio, and how they plan to promote these books in the upcoming conventions and comic arts festivals. We also talk about Dean's love of superhero comics particularly the Fantastic Four amd Greg's current obsession with Jack Kirby's Fourth World. 


Then Comics Reporter  Tom Spurgeon joins us for a talk about his blog The Comics Reporter, and new patreon campaign to fund his new monthly online magazine The Comics Report  . It's a chance to compare notes on the changes we've both seen in the comics market. Tom is also organizing a Columbus, Ohio Comics Arts Festival in conjunction with Ohio State University CXC Festival.