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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Jan 5, 2009

On this editon of the Word Balloon podcast,
we talk with artist Skottie Young about his interpretation
of L Frank Baum's Wonderful Wizard Of Oz for Marvel Comics.
"if you do this you're going to have free reign
in designing this vision of Oz.

We get into a discussion about the oz mythos,
and it's various representations in other media.
the play and novel version of wicked to todd mcfarland's
twisted land of oz statue.

you'll hear about his collaborotive process with writer
and fellow oz enthusiast eric shanower.

we also discuss skottie's comedy/music podcast the devil and me
co-hosted with casey mcauley. there's also an informal talk
about where comics are going in 2009, digitally and the
collected trade versus the monthly magazine.