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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Aug 27, 2009

Comedian Patton Oswalt stars in the new film BIG FAN, written and directed by Robert Siegel , the man who wrote the screenplay for last year's
indie hit, THE WRESTLER.

There's funny stuff in this film , but like THE WRESTLER, BIG FAN is a realistic look at sports. This time the focus is on an obsessive football fan named Paul (Oswalt) , who's loner lifestyle is defined by his voice on the phone fandom persona as a regular caller to sports talk radio, He has an awkard hero worship moment with his favorite player that turns violently ugly, and upsets his cocoon like world.

Oswalt discuss the film's character and the obvious similarities of this sort of fan worship compared to pop culture fans.

We also talkabout his upcoming one shot Firefly story for Dark Horse Comics, and the realese of his new DVD MY WEAKNESS IS STRONG.