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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

May 9, 2008

Matt Fraction and Word Balloon host John Siuntres have a last call
conversation about the books he's wrapping up, and the ones that are just beginning.

From this week's debut of The Invincible Iron Man, to his wrap ups of The Order
and The Immortal Iron Fist, from co-writing the Uncanny X-men with Ed Brubaker, to wrapping up the current arc of his Image creator owned book Casanova.
During the conversation Fraction said there is an eventual end in
sight for his run on Punisher War Journal, after which he'll turn
the book over to his pal, and current co-writer Rick Remender.
Fraction discussed the road ahead, starting with the current Jigsaw arc.
"We're at payoff time for Punisher... I knew coming this book
I knew right away if you're going to make your stand on Punisher
do the ultimate Jigsaw story... Working with Rick Remender has
been a dream and has made the book sicker and more damaged
and explosive than I ever thought. If we could make a punisher
movie, it would be this story."
"After the Jigsaw arc, there's a little secret invasion tie-in and then an
arc called King Frank...the Jigsaw arc and King Frank story is where
my bruns been leading to from the  beginning.After "King Frank" I'll
step aside, and just let Rick tear it up. That's the plan, things might
change, but that's the plan."
Some other highlights from the audio interview...
On The Invincible Iron Man, Fraction was pleased that the book ended up matching so well with the film, so new readers can jump on.
"I had no advanced script to work from so it was me
trying to write the type of iron man comic that I hoped would
fit with the tone of the film."
On bringing the threat of young Ezekiel Stane from the Order to the first IM story arc .
"I wanted to bring a Stane character back to the marvel universe as soon as  I heard that Jeff Bridges was playing Obediah Stane in the film. That's when I created Stane's son."
On the possibility of members of The Order possibly showing up in the
new Iron man book
"I don't what the etiquette is bring back characters from your canceled comic, but love Henry and Tony talking together so I imagine Henry will show up soon."
On wrapping up his run on Iron Fist,
" The idea of leaving really scared me so I  Knew it was the right thing to do. Ed was leaving after this arc, David just had a kid, so he has to dial back was just sort of "why are we staying?" You know, if they Clash had quit after London Calling they'd be the greatest band of all-time... So rather than be thought of as the guy who ruined Iron Fist, after Brubaker left, I thought it was time to go."#15 is another one shot look back at an earlier Iron Fist, Bi Fang Wen during the first England-India Opium War,   and #16 is called "Happy Birthday Danny" which will be our swan song"
On co-writing the the X-Men with Brubaker
"Ed and I have put together this 25 issue super arc, and we're switching off on stories.  #500 we did together,then I'm doing 501- 503, then Ed will come back on #504."
"There isn't a core x- team, but (instead) a very big ensemble. So characters will come in when we need them... The Mutants have adopted San Francisco as their new home, and are sending  the word out, that all Mutants are welcomed by the city."
On writing Cyclops
"Scott has always been the moral center of the book and When the
book of the X-Men is finally closed, it'll be pretty clear it was
Scott's story. Xavier's dream is over, it's now Scott's dream and
the future of mutant kind is on the line. We're having to see Scott
as a man of faith, who has to put his beliefs and actions in ways
he never had to's one thing when he made decisions as the
team's leader, he's now leading the whole Mutant race, and lives with the idea that "Every decision I make affects the survival of our species."
On wrapping up the current Casanova arc with next week's issue #14
"I think (this arc) is the best story I've ever written. Everything is revealed,some people live, some people die, and everyone has to pay the piper."