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Word Balloon Comic Books Podcast

Feb 4, 2011

Re-Posting this episode with Marvel artist Gabe Hardman. The sound is a little muffled in the interview, but I did my best to clean it up.

We talk about Gabe's work on HULK, and his and Jeff Parker's Plan's to broaden the Red Hulk's (General Thunderbolt Ross) rogues gallery. Plus we talk about the wrap-up to ATLAS, and Gabe's work as a storyboard artist in Hollywood.

Did you know Gabe was the brains behind an amazing sequence from a recent Super hero film?

Director Bryan Singer came to Gabe with the vague direction "Superman saves people in a plane" for Superman returns. Gabe and the technical crew came up with arguably the best sequence of the entire film.

Let's start petitioning the Hollywood brass to get Gabe in the director's chair!



john siuntres
over six years ago

Hi Eric, no the interview sound was a little muffled.

Tech difficulties, but really it could've been worse, and let's not forget it's free.

I felt bad for Gabe, and I can only say we'll try to do better next time.

Eric Ducos
over six years ago

Hey John, been looking forward to this one, but...

am I the only one having problems with the audio? Sounds like it was recorded underwater!

john siuntres
over six years ago

"One's "rogues", not "rouges"...unless you were having fun with the fact that Hardman draws the "Red" Hulk!..."

Hi Russell. Yes that was the idea, to play on "red" and rouge. Too subtle, I guess?

Russell Smith
over six years ago

Hey the podcast, as always.

One's "rogues", not "rouges"...unless you were having fun with the fact that Hardman draws the "Red" Hulk!

Keep up the excellent work!